Property Management

Property Management

A Fresh Approach to Managing Your Investment


As an owner of an investment property – the next critical decision is to decide how it will be managed and by whom.

Should I try to manage it myself, or put it in the hands of a real estate agency?

It will always be your decision, but there are many advantages of using a skilled and qualified agency, such as Island Life Property to manage your investment.

We are dedicated to managing your investment by securing you the best possible price, but also quality tenants who will pay their rent and care for your property.

We are confident that, our processes and commitment to you will exceed your expectations.

When you appoint Island Life to manage your property, you can relax knowing that someone who is licensed, purposed trained, organised, system backed, and completely conversant with the Residential Tenancies Act and insurance requirements will be attending to every detail.

We know what is happening with your property daily. In addition, we have the ability to assist instantly.

Paperwork for Property Management

Property Management has to deal and process a lot of paperwork and ensure it is compliant with the act at all times. This list is just some of the work it entails:

Application Forms

  • Preparation of personalised Tenancy Lease Agreements
  • Detailed condition reports on entry (before)
  • Photos on entry for lease
  • Water meter readings
  • Periodic Inspection reports (during)
  • Exit condition reports (on vacating)
  • Lodge bond authority form 
  • Landlord protection insurance
  • Smoke alarm and Electrical Safety Compliance
  • Setting up direct debits with the bank so your rent is paid on time
  • Receipting banking to trust account
  • Swimming pool compliance
  • Lease renewals
  • Notice to remedy breaches
  • Eviction notices
  • Notice of intention to sell
  • Arrange owner inspections


Property Management is a specialised field. Island Life provide the expertise and have access to all the latest training updating their knowledge and access to relevant authorities on changed to the legislation.

Day-to-Day Management

We conduct regular rent reviews to ensure your property is kept in line with market increases. Routine inspections are conducted three times a year. We ensure that we have our first inspection within 4-6 weeks of your new tenant entering the property. The industry recognises this as best practice and allows the tenant to raise any issues at an early stage and allows the agent to update the owner and ensure the tenant has settled in and is satisfied with the service provided and indeed the property.  As guided by the property act the next inspection would not take place within the next three months. We like to know that the tenant is maintaining your property, maintenance issues are dealt with and is indeed satisfied with our service provisions.

At this time, we also check for any maintenance issues that may have arisen.

You will always be contacted first before a trades-person is sent out so you can be involved in any decision made when it comes to spending your money.


Island Life have a team of skilled professionals that are on hand daily for routine maintenance and emergency situations. Due to the amount of work these trades-persons receive from our agency we have negotiated competitive prices in exchange for loyalty – obviously this is a real advantage as our trades persons will prioritise our requests and saving you money on your bills.

We have plans in place for out of hour emergencies when unexpected things occur. These specialists are available 24 hours a day and can arrange emergency relief for tenants.

Our Promise to you

We will:

  • Find the most suitable tenant for your property, respecting your wishes with regards to all stipulations, include permission (or not) of pets.
  • Find suitable tenants in the shortest possible time from our database, website and network of contacts
  • Provide inspections by appointment, collect ID on inspection, including outside office hours
  • Provide constant feedback, informing you of the enquiry level and activity on your property during the letting stage
  • Process applications within 48 hours including TICA checks, financial checks and personal checks.
  • Service all tenant and prospective tenant enquiries
  • Return all phone calls, emails, or other written correspondence within 24 hours
  • Send a copy of all lease paperwork for your records and or allow owner access onto our database and your property
  • Complete an intensive ongoing condition report and photos before commencement of tenancy
  • Assist the tenants with connection of services using local providers if desired
  • Carry out routine inspections every quarter (the maximum amount required by law). We take digital photos for you and send these with a detailed written report on your property. Report if maintenance is required.
  • Arrange regular maintenance for the property e.g. septic checks, gutter clearing, yard tidy, external house cleaning, smoke detector checks

We are committed to providing a fresh approach, to provide you with a service that will exceed your expectations of property management.

Take us on by emailing your acceptance along with your contact details and we will arrange the rest.

Email: [email protected] (Call Kylie or Kim) Mobile: 0448 884 635

Kim Gordon Island Life Manager

Kim Gordon Island Life Property Manager